You’re Not Making Business Profits?

One of the biggest problems that I see that E-Business entrepreneurs have is a waste of time to learn and do something outside of their fields of expertise.

Somewhere along the way, occurred to us that we need to know how to do everything that is used to build e-business.

Even if someone has a master in business, will they know how to do everything? They will definitely know what needs to be done, but I don’t argue on how.

That is why business cannot be built with one person. They need a team.

Companies need to delegate to people who have experience in the field that is not owned by the founder … and not, the available DIY tools are not enough.

There’s nothing wrong with you. You just need to learn to delegate!
Delegations to professionals who have been involved in e-business for a long time.
Digital business requires digital specialists.


“I waste a lot of time and money at a weekend e-business seminar that does not offer any value, but I get a feeling of” fomo “if I do not attend. Every time I go with a flat feeling, the seminar does not give what is promised and only promotion sales for larger programs.

And there are some good ones out there too! I am smarter about where I spend my time and money now and stop pursuing the next brilliant agreement. “

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