Tips for Ecommerce

tips for ecommerce

Remember That ecommerce tips are to facilitate access to purchase to make the whole purchasing process as simple as possible. Ask yourself, “how could this step be simplified” or “is this stage even necessary”? That said, simplification does not always require less information or fewer steps. Conversion optimisation requires clarity over brevity; making every step as easy as possible for users to understand and carry out. This could be as simple as highlighting required information fields in forms or even informing users of how long delivery will take.

Tips for Ecommerce
Search engine optimisation is essential for driving visitors to your site, but will also have very little effect if the traffic doesn’t know what to do when it arrives there. Poor navigation and usability are often problem areas for many ecommerce sites. It’s important to let the user know where they are on your site, and also where they’re going. Showing users exactly where they are with the use of breadcrumbs or highlighting how many steps are left in the purchasing process will avoid frustrated visitors.

Ecommerce sales are often advertised on so many different platforms, that the site’s own sales category is often neglected. It’s important to make sure the sales section or category is immediately, clearly visible to visitors, whether that be as a large image on the homepage or simply having the sales category text stand out on the site. One great tip for ecommerce sites is to always show to former price next to the sales price, emphasising how much visitors could be saving.

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