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What type of shopping cart/ payment processor must be applied by the business? The answer is not so simple and in this article, and I have described the suitable processes and technology to provide payment and affiliate solutions and offer several choices.
Payment processor
Payment processor is a ‘thing’ that is between your website (usually a shopping basket) and your internet bank to your account. Bits that do ‘heavy lifiting’ for credit card processing.
we have installed 2 payment gateways (Stripe and Paypal,) and both work perfectly
Payment processors are included, but are not limited to:, 2CO, SecurePay, Eway and Paypal.
Paypal is indeed included in this group, although it works a little differently from the others.
Most of this processor offers an interface that we can code directly and connect the website. This will eliminate the need for shopping baskets but, in my opinion, you better consider shopping baskets to make your life easier.
shopping cart
This is a software that controls your product, how much you take for them, product description, any sales discount, shipping / shipping cost, coupon code etc.
There are many shopping carts around, there are good ones, some are normal and others and others are just terrible to use. Not all shopping baskets support all payment processors also do not interact with all the software that will run on your site. Points in the case, integration with Wishlist members between shopping baskets can be limited.
Usually, there are two styles of shopping baskets – held and held alone.
1 Cart Shopping is a shopping basket that is hosted -other people host software, do all system admins etc. You get an account on it and your product list.

Just paypal
Many small online business owners start this way – create a paypal account, produce a payment button, attach it to the website and leave. This is a good way to start if you have a small number of products, but trying to manage many products in this way can take time, confusing and problematic.
Paypal will repeat and one payment – Money is placed on your Paypal account and you can transfer it to your bank account are lot of shopping carts around

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