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any companies and agencies, search engine marketing is a brave new world, filled with litani terms and confusing acronyms. Like the field that appears, what might seem confusing at first is easy to understand after a quick review of jargon and basis. Let’s look at search engine marketing and determine the terms and acronyms along the road.
For now, let’s think about search engine marketing in connection with the search engine business as if we talk about the yellow page telephone book printed from the past that is not far away. Fifteen years ago, if someone was looking for a business, product, or service, they could take the yellow page from the shelf and open a telephone book to find the product, service, or business in question, reversing the page until they reached the appropriate telephone number. Book pages for the purposes of this example, say someone wants property insurance and victims and is looking for an insurance agent that he can contact. People who are looking for insurance, find two yellow pages that include insurance agents, can scan the names of insurance agents that begin with the letter “A”. This is analogous to the pages of Google, Bing, or Yahoo Search (SERP) machines. The main difference here is this motorbike
Is the search showing the results based on the relevance of transfer -alphabet. Placement of names in SERP is related to organic SEO, or in this case, search engine optimization.
Of course, there will also be many advertisements interspersed with both telephone pages for agencies, both small and large. This ad is about analog with PPC ads (pay per click) found on today’s search results page. One important difference is that in the case of the old Yellow Pages telephone book, your business will pay a fixed fee for advertising, while with PPC, your business only pays when the user clicks on your ad. Only for the purpose of clarity, there is also something called PPI (paying per impression), where your business will pay the impression, even for our discussion about the optimization of the business website, we will continue to use our PPC ad analogy. The difference between the marketing of organic search engines and PPC advertisements is as simple as having your business name on the yellow page at no cost, compared to graphics advertisements on the yellow page at a cost possible $ 1,000 per month. . Therefore the attraction of organic web marketing, if your business can reach the peak of organic serp, it is likely to direct web surfers to your website and reap the benefits without PPC fees. Think about this in the same way as the list of telephone books above with the name of the company that starts with “Aaaa Auto Parts” or “Aaaaa Insurance Agency” to ensure their names appear first. Serp offers a better alternative for the name of the name yellow yellow page name, because the agency name is secondary to other more relevant criteria.

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