Payment gateway

payment gateways
Segments that are often ignored and less analyzed in building your e-commerce business are processing back-end of your order. Entrepreneurs spend a lot of money and time to ensure their site design is right, but they often ignore their order processing system. Invest a small portion of your time spent on tweak design to choose the right payment our recommendation is to use Stripe and Paypal, trader processor, and bank account, and you will save a lot of money!
The payment gateway sends encrypted billing data to your trader processor, which is then responsible for directing this data to the credit card network. The credit card network verifies that your customer’s credit card is valid or has enough funds to close the transaction, then tell the payment gateway, which then communicates with your e-commerce solution. If the transaction is approved, the trader processor will send your order completed to your bank account (sometimes this requires a manual process). Traders processors are systems behind the screen that communicate with payment gateways, your customer credit card network, and your bank account.
It is important to find out whether your payment gateway, trader processor, bank account, and e-commerce solution work together. Make sure your trader processor interface with your payment gateway and bank account!

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